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Massive Fire Engulfs Paris’ Notre Dame

Notre Dame
Massive Fire Engulfs Paris’ Notre Dame
Notre Dame
A massive fire broke out in the 850-year-old Gothic cathedral, Notre Dame

Paris’ medieval cathedral, Notre Dame was overpowered by gigantic flames that led to the collapse of its roof and spire on Monday evening

Notre Dame de Paris, an 850-year-old part of French history, witnessed a massive fire on Monday evening. Subsequently, the treasured structure lost its spire and roof as people gathered around the building in tears and sheer disbelief.

The fire was believed to have started around 18:30 (GMT). It soon took over the roof and damaged the cathedrals wooden interiors and glass windows.

The flames spread to the top of the 12th-century cathedral, eventually toppling the spire.

Reasons behind the fire remain unclear, however, ongoing renovations are believed to have caused the flames.

Over five hundred firefighters worked towards saving the historic structure, restricting the cathedral’s bell towers from toppling.

Hours after the rescue operation was initiated, fire chief Jean-Claude Gallet confirmed that Notre Dame had been “saved and preserved”.

Addressing the nation on Monday night, French President Emmanuel Macron asserted, “I tell you solemnly tonight: We will rebuild this cathedral”

He added, “Notre Dame of Paris is our history. The epicenter of our lives. It’s the many books, the paintings, those that belong to all French men and French women, even those who’ve never come.”

Vowing to launch an international fundraising scheme for the reconstruction of Notre Dame, President Macron said, “The worst had been avoided”.

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