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Kuwait rejects anti-India propaganda, says it does not support interference.

Kuwaiti Ambassador and Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson issued separate statements assuring India-Kuwait strong bilateral ties

Kuwait has rejected any attempts of spoiling bilateral ties with India through foreign-sponsored social media handles on April 27. Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Anurag Srivastava and Kuwaiti Ambassador Jasem Ibrahem al-Najam issued separate statements assuring that Kuwait and India have strong bilateral ties and there is cooperation and understanding between the two nations in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. The assurance came a few days after reports of some reference of “targeting of Indian Muslims” in non-official social media handles in Kuwait.

The Government of Kuwait has assured us that they are deeply committed to friendly relations with India. They also do not support any interference in the internal affairs of India”, Mr Srivastava said in a statement addressing media enquiries on this matter. He also said that following a request from Kuwait, India had recently deployed a rapid response team to assist the Gulf country in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. “During its two-week stay in Kuwait, the team rendered valuable medical assistance in testing and treatment of afflicted persons and training their personnel”, he said.

In his statement issued to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), Ambassador al-Najam commended the ‘historic ties’ between India and Kuwait and that both nations continue to develop this bilateral relationship in political and economic domains. The two countries “share many principles in their foreign policies, like respecting the UN Charter, non-interference in other countries’ affairs and respecting sovereignty of nations”, he further added.