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Khamenei backs government’s gasoline price hike

Protesters burn a motorcycle during a demonstration
Protesters burn a motorcycle during a demonstration

On Sunday, Iran’s supreme leader backed the government’s decision of raising gasoline prices. Due to which protest broke out in many parts of Iran.   

Along with this, Khamenei referred to the angry protesters as “thugs.” The statement signalled a potential crackdown on the demonstrations. 

The protesters set ablaze the public property over the hike. After Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s comments, authorities took charge of the situation and shut down the internet across Iran.

The move was adopted to smother the protests in some two dozen cities and towns over the rise of government-set prices by 50% as of Friday.

Importantly, the authorities have not confirmed regarding casualties except on person, who was killed during the protest. Although some people gravely wounded.

In the same vein, he specifically mentioned those aligned with the family of Iran’s late shah.

However, he backed the decision of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and others to raise gasoline prices. Interestingly, Iran provides the cheapest Gasoline in the world.  

Notably, the new prices jumped to 15,000 rials per litre of gas. The figures constitute a 50% rise in the price of a gallon than a day before.

Significantly, Khamenei ordered security forces “to implement their tasks.” Moreover, he also ordered the citizens to keep clear of violent demonstrators.

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