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ISIS confirms Baghdadi’s Death and names new chief

Abu Bakar’s villas destroyed by US airforces in Syria.
Abu Bakar’s villas destroyed by US airforces in Syria.

The United States of America released a video of raid on Baghdadi. Along with this, ISIS has also confirmed the death of their beloved leader.

Thursday was a very eventful day for Islamic State of Iran and Syria (ISIS). On one hand, they confirmed Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi’s Death, former chief of ISIS. On the other hand, they declared the name of their new chief.

Abu Ibrahim al Hashimi al Quraysh succeeded Bakar. To America’s dismay, nothing is known about the new chief. The newleader traces his lineage like Baghdadi, to Prophet Muhammad’s tribe. The quick appointment of new chief comes with a warning for America. ISIS warned them not to be happy.

Al Furqan Foundation, IS central media arm, released an audio to announce both the news. It provided no other detail about the new chief. Interestingly, it was not clear at first who the name was in reference to. ISIS identifies its group leaders under nom de guerre. Interestingly, it refers to their tribal affiliations and lineage. These names often change.

Additionally, the speaker in the audio also confirms the death of Abu Hassan al Muhajir. Muhajir was the spokesperson of the group since 2006. Along with this, he was a close aide of Baghdadi. ISIS also appoints new spokesperson Abu Hamzaal al Qurayshi. Importantly, he urged the followers to pledge allegiance to the new “caliph” and addressed Americans “don’t rejoice.” 

The killings came as a double blow for the extremist group after they lose territory in Syria. Seven months ago, American seizes the last remnants of territory once held by the Islamic state. Meanwhile, Pentagon also released the first image from the raid in Syria leading to Baghdadi’s death on Wednesday. 

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