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International Solar Alliance signs MoU with International Aviation Group

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between International Solar Alliance (ISA) and the International Civil Aviation Group (ICAO) recently. The MoU aims to check the growth of CO2 emissions in the international aviation sector. ICAO’s idea of becoming a partner organization of ISA was initiated by the Minister in his meeting with the President of the ICAO when the Indian Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya M. Scindia visited Montreal in 2022. Within the period of four months, the MoU was agreed upon and concluded. The conclusion of the MoU was in the presence of the ministers of India and France in order to carry forward the legacy of the bold initiative laid by India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former President of France Francois Hollande in 2015 at the Paris COP 21. The Transport Minister of France, Minister of Civil Aviation of India, and President of the ICAO Council were present at the event. Mr. Juan Carlos Salazar, the Secretary General of the ICAO, and Mr. Joshua Wycliffe, Chief of Operation, ISA signed the MoU. 

Taking place in Montreal, the event attracted 1400 attendees and featured traditional and new players in the sector who are delivering a technological revolution in the domain of aviation worldwide. The panels centered on the various facets of aviation, and their deployment for international civil aviation, along with the address of regulatory challenges, urban air mobility integration, incubators programs, aviation sustainability, behavioral science, artificial intelligence, implementation support, and capacity building.

Mr. Scindia tweeted that “Proud moment for India as Int’l Civil Aviation Org signs MoU with Int’l Solar Alliance, initiative 1st proposed by PM Modi. Jointly hosted by India& France, event marks a new dawn for solar energy use in global civil aviation sector”. 

India along with the support of France has invited countries to promote infrastructure for the implementation of solar projects. The alliance has committed to invest an amount of one trillion dollars and is also devoted to making the costs more affordable for solar power, particularly for remote and inaccessible communities.  ICAO is dedicated to working toward reducing carbon emissions in the aviation sector through its multiple initiatives and goals. The collaboration between ICAO and ISA through this MoU could not have come at any better time. According to ICAO, it will help trigger a range of interventions towards developing the capabilities of states to utilize solar energy. Moreover, it will help provide information, provide advocacy, demonstration projects, and capacity building. It will empower the solarization of the aviation sector in all the member states. 


Aviation body ICAO signs pact with International Solar Alliance