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India to Send 3 Lakh Youth to Japan for On-job Training Under Skill India Program

Credit: japantimes.co.jp
Credit: japantimes.co.jp

New Delhi: India will send three lakh youth to Japan for on-job training for 3-5 years as part of the government’s skill development programme. Japan will bear the financial cost of the skill training of Indian technical interns.

The Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Minister said the Union Cabinet has approved signing of Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) between India and Japan on the ‘Technical Intern Training Program (TITP)’.

The MoC, he said, is expected to be signed during his three-day visit to Tokyo starting October 16.

“TITP is an ambitious program to send Three Lakh Indian technical interns to Japan for on the job training for a period of three to five yrs,” Pradhan said in a tweet.

He said the youth will sent for training in the next three years with Japanese financial assistance.

“Each skilled youth going there will have a tenure of 3-5 years. These youth will work in the Japanese ecosystem and get employment opportunities there along with accommodation facility,” the minister said.

About 50,000 of them may also get jobs in Japan, he added.

The selection of the youth will be done in a transparent manner according to Japanese requirements.

“When these youth return from Japan they will contribute to our industry as well,” the minister said.

An official release said the MoC is expected to pave the way for bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the area of skill development.

India-Japan ties have received a boost from the personal friendship of Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi.

India is the largest recipient of Japanese foreign aid and Japanese investment in India is booming with record investment in private equity and venture capital.

Both leaders have decisive mandates to transform the economic and strategic future of their respective nations. Abe, who has always been an admirer of India, has consistently stressed on developing strong strategic ties between New Delhi and Tokyo.

The relationship between India and Japan is fast emerging as one of the most formidable partnerships in Asia. With a promising future in the next five years, India should continue to focus on its ‘Look East policy’, and Japan should reciprocate with a ‘Look at India policy’.