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India-Qatar to engage in first bilateral naval exercise

India and Qatar to participate for the first time in five day long naval exercise.
India and Qatar to participate for the first time in five day long naval exercise.

Zair-al-Bahr or Roar of the Sea, a bilateral naval exercise, is currently underway between India and Qatar. This maritime exercise is scheduled to organize from November 17 to November 21, 2019.

The Naval exercise between Qatari Amiri Naval Forces (QANF) and Indian Navy has already started. The five-day exercise is carried out to enhance co-operation between the two forces. Importantly, this is the first bilateral naval exercise between India and Qatar.  

Significantly, Indian Navy warship Guided Missile stealth Frigate, INS Trikhand, along with Patrol aircraft P-8-I, are participating in this exercise. Besides, Anti-Ship Missile equipped Barran Class Fast Attack Craft along with Rafale multi-task fighter aircraft have also participated in the exercise. 

Indian ambassador P Kumaran holds a joint press conference which marke the formal launch of the exercise. On the occasion he said the venture will help the two countries continue the co-operation. Above all, this will also enhance their ability to work to combat maritime piracy, terrorism and ensure security.

 “The joint exercise will strengthen the competence of the two forces,” he notes.

The conference was attended by various dignitaries. This includes Indian embassy defence attache Captain Kapil Kaushik, QANF Marine Major Ghanim Abdullah al-Kaabi and INS Trikand commanding officer Captain Vishal Bishnoi.

While speaking at the conference Captain Kapil Kaushik said that the exercise assumes significance as it will strengthen the ties between the two countries. Significantly, the exercise includes a three-day harbour phase and two days’ sea phase.

INS Trikhand is one of the highly modern and versatile warships in Indian Navy. Above all, the Warship is well equipped with a variety of sensors and weaponry systems. INS Trikhand is a part of the Western Naval Command of the Indian Navy.

It is mandatory to deploy P-8-I, an air reconnaissance aircraft for this exercise. Notably, the aircraft is equipped with all the latest intelligence technologies.