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India at Nuclear Security Summit Key Highlights

Nuclear Security Summit

Nuclear  Security SummitPrime Minister Narendra Modi was in the US capita, Washington DC to attend the two-day Nuclear Security Summit (NSS), March 31 to April 1, to coordinate international efforts to prevent terror organisations from acquiring nuclear weapons or material.

The summit had in attendance leaders from more than 50 countries and four international organisations — the European Union, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Interpol, and the UN. India circulated its national progress report on nuclear security measures at the summit.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made key announcements while addressing the plenary session of the Nuclear Security Summit on April 1, on second and final day of the session.

Highlights Of His Announcement:

  1. India will continue to accord a high national priority to nuclear security through strong institutional framework, independent regulatory agency and trained and specialized manpower.
  2. Development and deployment of technology to deter and defend against nuclear terrorism. These include physical and cyber barriers, technological approaches, setting up a facility for medical grade “Moly-99” using Low Enriches Uranium and using vitrified forms of vulnerable radioisotopes such as Ceasium-137.
  3. India will counter nuclear smuggling and strengthen the national detection architecture for nuclear and radioactive material. A dedicated Counter-Nuclear Smuggling Team has been set up
  4. India will support IAEA’s central role in nuclear security.
    • Further contribution of US $1 million to the Nuclear Security Fund.
    • A workshop with IAEA experts on International Physical Protection Assessment Service (IPPAS) in India.
  5. India will join the Trilateral Initiative of NSS chairs circulated at IAEA by subscribing as the Joint Statement on Strengthening the Nuclear Security Implementation.
  6. India will also join three Gift Baskets this summit in priority areas of counter-nuclear smuggling, nuclear security contact group in Vienna, sharing of best practices through Centres of Excellence such as India’s own.
  7. India will host meeting of Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) in 2017. An international conference on countering nuclear smuggling is planned with Interpol.