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India is Now Home to Largest Phone Manufacturing Unit

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in is on a four-day visit to India. While a lot of negotiations and discussions will be taking place between him and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Moon’s visit has resulted in a leap for India’s economy already.

Smartphone giant Samsung, on Monday, announced the decision to double the capacity of its mobile phone factory in Noida. This unit will now be the largest phone manufacturing unit in the world. PM Modi along with President Moon Jae-In inaugurated the plant which will produce up to 120 million smartphones every year, breaking down to production of one crore handsets every month. Such a set up for a new plant will also prove to be an advantage for those looking for employment as it will provide up to 1,000 more jobs directly.

At the inaugural ceremony for this unit, PM Modi said that the new unit will be a matter of pride for not just India, but Uttar Pradesh and Noida. He said this was an important milestone in the path to making India a manufacturing hub. “Samsung’s global R&D hub is in India. Now, this manufacturing unit is also coming here,” he said, adding that there is hardly a middle-class family in India without a Korean product.

“India’s growing middle class is a huge opportunity,” PM Modi reminded the world. He also commented on how India is now the second largest mobile manufacturing hub in the world. “India today has 120 mobile factories, which was just 2 in 2014. Out of the 120 factories 50 of them are in Noida alone,” he said.

About 30% of all phones made in the new unit will be exported, the PM said, adding how this highlighted the blend of Korean technology and Indian manufacturing.

President Moon Jae-in underlined the importance of the old link between the two countries and said the new plant will create a new IT civilization forged in the sweat of Indian and Korean workers.

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who was also present at the inauguration, remarked that it was an important occasion for everyone. He too touched upon how Korea and Uttar Pradesh had a historic relationship when the princess of Ayodhya was married to a Korean prince. He said the factory would give over 35,000 jobs directly and indirectly and hence the UP Government ensured that the unit got the infrastructure and policies it required.