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India Exhibits Grand Pavilions at the Annual Conference of the Association of International Educators in New Orleans

The world’s largest educational event, NAFSA, was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, from 28-31 May 2024. NAFSA, or the National Association of Foreign Student Advisers, came to be known as the Association of International Educators. It is the largest non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting international education and exchange. The 76th NAFSA 2024 Conference & Expo witnessed the participation of two Indian pavillions inaugurated by DC Manjunath, the Consulate General of India in Houston. Forty major Indian academic institutions were present during the conference. The large number of Indian participants symbolised the rising potential of Indian education and an opportunity to foster scholarly cooperation between the U.S. and India.

Indian Pavilions

The Consulate General of India, Houston expressed delight in participating in the event. It remarked, “Delighted to join  #NAFSA2024 the Association of International Educators Conference – 2024 at New Orleans and inaugurate the Study in India Pavilion hosted by Educational Consultants India Limited (EDCIL), Ministry of Education, GoI comprising of National Book Trust, and Public Higher Education Institutions including Gujarat University, Delhi University and IIM Bangalore. Also inaugurated the India Pavilion under the aegis of Education Promotion Society for India (EPSI), featuring 25+ Indian higher education institutes.”

It further noted the significance of Indian participation in the event: “Several Universities are also attending separately and #NAFSA2024 has one of the largest participations from India with as many as 40 Institutions, showing Indian Education and fostering International and India -US collaboration in the field of Education. Attendees explored diverse educational opportunities, engaging with EDCIL’s ‘Study in India’ Program; connected with representatives of elite institutions, discovering a world of educational possibilities.”

India at NAFSA

NAFSA 2024 witnessed the participation of around 10,000 delegates from 110 countries. The theme of the conference was “Resilience. Renewal. Community”. 2024 was the 76th year of commemoration of the event. It aimed to build resilience in the education sector in a post-pandemic era. The event concentrated on building stronger local and global communities to support a robust education renewal. During his inaugural address, Consulate General Manjunath emphasised India’s high-quality research facilities and robust education system. He pointed out the number of Indian universities expanding their global footprint and how India has become the leading choice in data science and cybersecurity. The participating institutes have signed MoUs with universities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Japan, especially those with a strong foundation in Management and S.T.E.M. fields. These MoUs would facilitate student and faculty exchange programmes apart from curriculum-enhancing exercises. The Study in India delegates also met with academic leaders of Tulane University and Louisana State University Health Sciences Centre to design better postgraduate programmes in finance, climate science, sustainability, bioinformatics, tropical medicine, public health, Artificial Intelligence applications in healthcare, etc.

Side Event

Another event organised on the sidelines of NAFSA, titled ‘India’s Higher Education Partnership & Dialogue’, highlighted India’s economic growth and educational opportunities after the National Education Policy 2020. The Consulate General of India, Houston, elaborated: “On the sidelines of #NAFSA2024, Consulate in association with EDCIL, Ministry of Education, GOI and SVVS Temple Society, NOLA organised an event ‘India’s Higher Education Partnership & Dialogue’, highlighting India’s economic growth, educational system development, new opportunities in universities, including under India’s new education policy, facilities Indian universities offer and the empowerment of women in education. CG, JS &FA, Ministry of Education, Shri Sanjog Kapoor, ED, EdCIL, Dr. Chandrasekar, VC Gujarat University Dr. Neerja A Gupta and Jt Dean, DU Prof Amarjiva Lochan among others addressed the gathering. Delegates from India, representatives from local universities, schools, and prominent Indian community members attended the event.”

India’s extensive participation in NAFSA 2024 showcases its commitment to becoming a global education hub and attracting international students by offering multiple opportunities for higher education.