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In an Interview with Diplomacy And Beyond Plus ROMUALDO JOHNAM Mozambican Director-General of INATUR

  1. Mozambique and India enjoy a warm and traditional friendship. Please, express your thoughts on this historical bond.

The history behind these two countries is rich and can easily be noticed through our cultural expressions. Mozambicans still preserve the traditions of the past that have been influenced by the Indian culture. I strongly believe that we have the right conditions to work together in joint initiatives to show the world the beauty of our traditions and culture. It is common to find in such families in Mozambique who have their roots in Goa Island. The Hindu community in Mozambique is extensive and are mostly engaged in commercial activities.

  1. You have been recently appointed by the Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosário as the new Director-General of the National Tourism Institute (INATUR). What are your future plans to make Mozambique the number one tourist destination worldwide?

The marketing strategy [2017–2021]has straight guidelines to ensure the implementation of Five-Year Government Program. Therefore, we will continue to engage in the actions that have already been started, with our full focus in the five priority areas, giving special attention to training, grading and re-grading of hospitality establishments, and promotion of tourism and investment. We will continue to be more aggressive in online marketing for both domestic and international markets. We will continue to engage with the private sector to stimulate as well.

  1. What is your message to the readers of Diplomacy and Beyond Plus?  

Mozambique has many unique selling points: its culture, cuisine and history are vibrant. Visit Mozambique and enjoy a fascinating destination. We offer ocean-front boutique resorts, fine hotels in our main cities, the most awe-inspiring of natural landscapes, mesmerizing marine life in the ocean, and abundant wildlife in our restocked and revitalized national parks.