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Global Education; Paving the Path for a Promising Future

Global Education;

Global Education;Globalisation has led to a high level of inter-connectedness as we move into a boundary-less world which is a result of rapid growth in IT sector and international business. Multinationals are coming to Malaysia and Malaysian corporations are venturing overseas. There is a continuous need to upgrade and develop skill sets in today’s competitive environment. The need of the hour is to be prepared for an ever-changing work place scenario and, therefore, the need of global education.

The objective of global education is to create Global Citizens who are citizens not only of our country, but of the smaller community and the larger world. Global Indian International School (GIIS) is dedicated towards nurturing students into men and women of distinction who can naturally belong to a global environment and excel in their respective fields. The network of schools delivers world-class education across 20 campuses in 7 countries catering to over 50 nationalities. Within a span of 14 years, GIIS has launched campuses in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE and India.

Global Indian International School (GIIS) Kuala Lumpur was launched in 2006. The Kuala Lumpur campus of GIIS is strategically located in Brickfields, a short walk from Kuala Lumpur’s transportation hub, KL Sentral, with excellent infrastructure to facilitate optimal academic learning, sports and extra-curricular activities.

“AtGIIS Kuala Lumpur we follow CBSE-i and Cambridge IGCSE curricula. CBSE-i is a curriculum that constantly updates its syllabus in an international context. It promotes creativity and analytical thinking in students. Many GIIS parents, especially Indian expatriates, prefer the CBSE-i curriculum as it offers a wide spectrum of in-depth knowledge in all the core subjects in alignment with the competitive examinations in India, as well as widespread acceptance for higher studies across the world’s leading universities.

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum was introduced in GIIS in 2012. It has already seen high acceptance and success with its approach of offering modules in Science, ICT and Social Studies right from Year 1. It has been designed to challenge students to develop independent learning skills and apply knowledge to real life situations. In addition to the core subjects, the students choose from a range of activities suited to their individual aspirations and abilities.” says Mr. Manoj Nair, Country Director, GIIS Malaysia.

The Winning Edge

GIIS Kuala Lumpur has been honoured with many illustrious awards for achieving education excellence. Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) Prime Minister’s Award for Industry Excellence 2009, recognised GIIS as the only international school to win the award for Industry Excellence. In 2010, it was the first school from Malaysia to win the highly prestigious International Asia Pacific Quality Organisation (IAPQO)’s Best in Class Award for Education. GIIS Kuala Lumpur Campus was honoured with the IMC RBNQ Performance Excellence Trophy 2015 (Overseas Category) by the Indian Merchants’ Chamber. IMC RBNQ Award Trust also bestowed an award on GIIS Kuala Lumpur Campus for the MQH Best Practices Competition 2016 in Overseas Category. GIIS Kuala Lumpur participated in 7th World Education Summit 2016, hosted by Elets Technomedia and won an award in the category, Global Collaborative Learning Initiatives.

Model School

At GIIS, the continual improvement of the students is measured through the 7S Analysis, a proprietary statistical model, developed by the school itself. This helps to map the results of students in all spheres of learning and execute action plans to ensure that every child is taken to the next level of competency through the 7S Analysis. For multifaceted growth in the students, GIIS Kuala Lumpur follows the proprietary holistic learning framework Global School Nine Gems Model. It is a proprietary tool, which is an integrated holistic approach towards facilitating all-round character building and learning opportunities for students. The model balances academics with personality development, nurtures values and qualities of leadership and entrepreneurship, excellence in sports and performing arts, and instils ethics and discipline with the spirit to serve.

Curriculum enhancers like the Gobal Knowledge Exchange programme help students and teachers explore learning opportunities from campuses within and outside Malaysia. IT- aided learning with smart classes and online content offer tremendous exposure to students. Speaking of IT, GIIS has a robust portal called ‘myGIIS’ that helps parents, teachers and students to remain connected 24X7 for all information. GIIS Kuala Lumpur maintains a beautiful balance between new age learning and traditional values by integrating values and discipline in lesson plans. Positive education is key at GIIS Kuala Lumpur. In order to determine the happiness quotient in the students, the campus measures the Happiness Index. GIIS Kuala Lumpur is indeed a school for happy learners!

At GIIS education is achieved through participative, collaborative, comprehensive and experiential learning that combines best practices from across the globe with diverse cultural values to achieve excellence in tomorrow’s global world.

For more information, visit www.globalschoolmalaysia.org