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European Union Meets in Brussels, Negotiate 2050 Climate Goals and Future Leadership

European Union leaders

European Union (EU) Leaders held a surprise meeting in Brussels to discuss the roadmap to propose 2050 climate goals and future leaders of the EU bloc.

Ahead of a United Nations Assembly meeting in July, prominent European Union (EU) leaders met in a rather unprecedented and hushed up meet around European Commission Presidency and meeting 2050 carbon neutralization goals.

For the European Union, the Commission Presidency is a rather pivotal aspect. The body acts as the bloc’s competition watchdog, oversees national budgets and proposes policies from climate change to tech regulation. These are considered pivotal areas of engagement for all members of the European Union.

As member states of the EU struggle with a range of challenges at home and abroad, their leaders are also negotiating future top-jobs in the bloc. Five top leadership posts, including the leader of the European Council, are being changed this year.

According to reports, EU leaders have failed to come down to consensus over the leadership of the European Union. Power centres Berlin and Paris have reportedly clashed over the leadership of the Commission, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel backing compatriot Manfred Weber, a deputy head of her centre-right sister party CSU.

French President Emmanuel Macron is campaigning to block Weber over lack of government experience. Paris and Madrid want more prominent EU jobs for liberal and socialist candidates after a change of the parliamentary guard.

Regarding the major decisions to make the EU members carbon-neutral by 2050, the leaders have reportedly not been able to unanimously agree on climate neutrality and proposed cuts in fossil-fuel energy consumption.

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