Home India Corner COVID- 19 in India: 28 Positive Cases Confirmed

COVID- 19 in India: 28 Positive Cases Confirmed

COVID- 19 in India: 28 Positive Cases Confirmed
COVID- 19 in India: 28 Positive Cases Confirmed

At least 215 people have come in contact with the virus carried by Italian tourists

The Union government and State authorities are gearing up to tackle the spread of COVID-19 as new cases have been reported across the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Health Minister Harsh Vardhan have met in a high-level meeting where they decided to cancel Modi’s Holi Milan event.

Rajasthan authorities are overwhelmed by the number of potential cases for COVID-19 in the state. Rajasthan Health Minister Raghu Sharma said that at least 215 people came in contact with 14 virus carrying Italian tourists in the country. 14 out of 21 tourists and one Indian driver that were tested positive for COVID-19 had travelled to Delhi via Agra and Jaipur by road and are now quarantined in the ITBP camp near Delhi. 

The officials have confirmed 28 cases of coronavirus throughout the country including 17 cases from Jaipur, 6 from Agra, 3 from Kerala and one each from Delhi and Telangana. However, three patients in Kerela recovered from the illness and were discharged.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, at least 17 Indians abroad have been infected with the virus. 16 cases have been reported from the cruise ship in Japan and one from the UAE. The government has evacuated about 723 Indian nationals and 43 foreigners from China and 119 Indians from the cruise ship in Japan. The government has also put several major airports on high alert and screening processes are in play to contain the outbreak.

Several international sports events have been cancelled or postponed amid the virus outbreak in the country. The authorities have requested the citizens not to panic and take precautionary measures to stay safe by avoiding public gatherings and crowds.  India is also planning on establishing a testing lab for COVID-19 in Iran.