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UAE Foreign Minister Hosts UK’s David Lammy for Green Energy Talks Ahead of COP28

In the run-up to COP28, scheduled to take place from November 30 to December 12, 2023 at Expo City Dubai, key figures in the fight against climate change are coming together to discuss the urgent need for action on the global stage. Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, the President-designate of COP28, is leading the charge by placing climate adaptation at the heart of the summit’s agenda. To underline the importance of this mission, UAE Foreign Minister Dr. Sultan Al Jaber recently welcomed the UK’s David Lammy, a prominent advocate for climate action, for discussions on green energy and climate solutions. The talks come on the heels of Dr. Al Jaber’s declaration at the opening of the Middle East and North Africa Climate Week in Riyadh, where he stressed the region’s vulnerability to severe climate impacts, including droughts and the devastating floods in Derna, Libya.

Dr. Al Jaber, who also serves as the UAE’s Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and its Special Envoy on Climate Change, emphasized the pressing need to address issues such as water scarcity and food insecurity in the Middle East and North Africa. He stated, “To deliver for our region, we must put adaptation front and center of the climate agenda.” These discussions underline the region’s commitment to taking significant steps towards climate resilience and sustainability. David Lammy, a prominent British politician and advocate for climate action, praised efforts made by some countries to expand the use of hydrogen and carbon capture technologies. However, he cautioned that these innovations should not be seen as a substitute for the essential task of phasing out fossil fuels and transitioning to cleaner energy sources. While recognizing the challenges associated with this transition, Lammy highlighted the region’s potential to lead by example, diversifying industries such as tourism and financial services.

“The transition away from burning fossil fuels is a very difficult task in a world that has built its industry, transport, and infrastructure around exactly that,” Lammy stated. “Yet we have no choice; it has to be done and has to be done fast. The upcoming COP must show the world we are ready to make hard decisions. That we are able to seek solutions rather than point to failures of the past.”

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, affirmed the country’s unwavering commitment to addressing the climate crisis and noted the significance of hosting the Middle East and North Africa Climate Week. As the countdown to COP28 continues, he emphasized the immense responsibility that Dr. Sultan Al Jaber carries in handling this crucial summit. Prince bin Salman underscored the gravity of the task at hand, stating, “The stakes are big; the ambitions are big.”

COP28 is poised to be a pivotal moment in the global fight against climate change, with leaders from around the world converging in Dubai to tackle the pressing issue of the climate emergency. Despite the monumental challenges ahead, Dr. Al Jaber expressed his confidence and pride in the Middle East and North Africa region’s history of delivering successful COP summits for the world.

“Our region has a proud history of delivering COPs for the world,” Dr. Al Jaber noted. “And, with your help and support, COP28 will again deliver for this region and for the world. Maximum ambitions, zero emissions. Let’s show the world that this region is a true climate leader that can deliver truly inclusive climate progress. COP28 is our moment.” As the world’s attention turns towards COP28, the talks between the UAE’s Foreign Minister and the UK’s David Lammy underscore the urgency of addressing climate change, driving the need for adaptation, and pushing for a swift transition away from fossil fuels to secure a sustainable future for all. The success of COP28 will ultimately hinge on the hard decisions and collective actions of global leaders and nations in the fight against climate change.