Home International Relations Speaker of Saudi Shoura Council discusses Bilateral Ties with Bangladeshi Prime Minister

Speaker of Saudi Shoura Council discusses Bilateral Ties with Bangladeshi Prime Minister

In a significant diplomatic move, the Speaker of the Saudi Shoura Council, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sheikh, engaged in discussions with Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during his official visit to Dhaka, underscoring the strengthening of bilateral ties between the two nations. The meeting, which took place on Wednesday, saw Prime Minister Hasina warmly welcoming Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sheikh and his delegation to Dhaka, acknowledging the longstanding and robust relationship shared by Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. Both leaders emphasized the importance of maintaining and enhancing these ties for mutual benefit.

Expressing gratitude for the gracious reception, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sheikh reiterated the significance of his visit in further bolstering the historical relations between Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. He shed light on the ongoing comprehensive transformation taking place within Saudi Arabia across various sectors, aligning with the ambitious goals set forth in the Vision 2030 national development plan. During their deliberations, the leaders delved into a range of issues of common interest, reflecting on the current state of relations between their respective countries and exploring avenues for collaboration in diverse fields.

Moreover, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sheikh seized the opportunity to engage in talks with his counterpart in the Bangladeshi parliament, Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury. Their discussions centered on the imperative of fortifying bilateral ties and fostering cooperation across multiple domains. Chaudhury commended the efforts undertaken by Saudi Arabia, under the leadership of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in advancing the interests of Islam and Muslims globally, expressing gratitude for the Kingdom’s contributions. In reciprocation, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sheikh affirmed the enduring strength of the relationship between the leaderships and peoples of Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh, emphasizing the continual evolution of these ties in various spheres. He emphasized the pivotal role of parliamentary visits in nurturing and enhancing bilateral relations, underscoring the importance of sustained engagement between the two nations.

The discussions also broached the subject of collaboration between the Saudi Shoura Council and the Bangladeshi Parliament, highlighting the instrumental role played by parliamentary friendship committees in consolidating ties between the two countries. Accompanying Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sheikh were esteemed members of the Shoura Council, including Khalid Al-Bawardi and Khalid Al-Saif, along with the Saudi Ambassador to Bangladesh, Issa Al-Dahilan, signifying the collective commitment to fostering closer relations between Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh at both governmental and parliamentary levels.

The meeting between Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sheikh and Prime Minister Hasina marks a significant step towards deepening the multifaceted partnership between Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh, promising enhanced cooperation and collaboration for the benefit of both nations and their peoples.