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Seychelles and Saudi Arabia Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation: A Step Towards Mutual Progress

The Seychelles and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have reaffirmed their commitment to fostering stronger bilateral ties. This commitment was solidified during the third working visit of His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz Kattan, Advisor to the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia, to the Seychelles. The visit, marked by diplomatic discussions and mutual cooperation, took place on Monday, August 28th. During the visit, H.E. Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz Kattan was warmly received by Mr. Sylvestre Radegonde, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism of Seychelles, at Maison Quéau de Quinssy. The meeting served as a platform to discuss and outline collaborative strategies that would further enhance the longstanding and fraternal relations between the two countries.

Minister Radegonde conveyed the Seychelles’ profound gratitude for Saudi Arabia’s continuous support over the years. A significant highlight of this support has been the signing of a loan agreement for two vital social projects: the Social Housing Project and the La Digue School Project. These projects, classified as high-priority initiatives by the Seychellois government, exemplify the substantive cooperation that exists between the nations. Minister Radegonde underlined the steady growth of their bilateral relations and expressed eagerness to reinforce the partnership in diverse domains of mutual interest.

Beyond the bilateral scope, the discussions also encompassed multilateral affairs. Both sides enthusiastically discussed the upcoming 5th Arab-Africa Summit, scheduled to take place in Riyadh, as well as the inaugural Saudi-Africa Summit. These summits are expected to serve as catalysts for augmented cooperation towards realizing the objectives of the AU 2063 Agenda. Moreover, they are poised to provide a platform for productive dialogues on pressing issues that the two regions collectively face.

This year marks the celebration of twenty-three years since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the Seychelles and Saudi Arabia. Over these years, the relationship has evolved into a vibrant partnership underpinned by shared values, common goals, and a dedication to progress. The commitment to a strengthened partnership between the Seychelles and Saudi Arabia reaffirms the significance of collaboration in addressing contemporary global challenges. It also stands as a testament to the power of diplomacy and cooperation in achieving mutual advancement.