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Iran Strives for Bilateral Ties Rooted in Mutual Respect with African Nations

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi has expressed Iran’s commitment to establishing relationships with African nations based on mutual respect and shared benefits, in stark contrast to what he characterized as the exploitative intentions of Western states. President Raeisi made these remarks during a meeting with Senegalese President Macky Sall on the sidelines of the 15th meeting of the BRICS group of emerging economies in Johannesburg, South Africa. “Unlike Western countries, which are only looking to loot the resources and wealth of African countries, Iran is looking for a relationship based on respect and mutual benefits,” President Raeisi stated. The sentiment was shared by President Sall, who highlighted the historical injustices perpetrated by Western countries, including colonialism and slavery.

President Sall praised the invitation extended to Iran to join the BRICS group, emphasizing that Iran’s inclusion in the bloc would contribute to balancing the international system and promoting a multipolar world. He criticized Western nations for using human rights as a pretext to exert pressure on independent countries while having their own dark histories of human rights violations. President Raeisi also engaged in discussions with leaders from India, Bangladesh, and Brazil during the summit. Addressing the “Friends of BRICS” summit, Raeisi noted that Iran’s membership in BRICS would have profound historical implications and would facilitate the advancement of justice, equality, ethics, and sustainable peace on a global scale.

Iran’s proactive approach to enhancing bilateral relations with African nations was further demonstrated in Raeisi’s meeting with Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan. President Raeisi affirmed Iran’s readiness to collaborate with Tanzania in various sectors, including technology, engineering, construction, agriculture, and industry. President Hassan welcomed the activation of the joint economic commission between the two nations and underscored the potential for increased trade and cooperation. President Raeisi’s visit to South Africa concluded with a reaffirmation of Iran’s commitment to multilateral cooperation, especially with developing and independent countries. He highlighted Iran’s strategic location, abundant energy resources, and expertise in various fields as assets that could contribute to joint economic projects and investments within the BRICS framework.

In a world where geopolitical dynamics are constantly evolving, Iran’s proactive pursuit of mutually beneficial partnerships with African nations sends a message of collaboration and solidarity. As the country seeks to strengthen ties on the African continent, it aims to shape a narrative of cooperation and shared growth, counteracting historical narratives of exploitation and dominance that have characterized certain Western interactions with the region.