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ScoMo supercedes Turnbull as the 30th PM of Australia before due elections by 2019

Scott Morrison, better known as ScoMo, is chosen to be the new Prime Minister of Australia. He won a three way battle for the leadership of the Liberal party, where the contenders were, former home affairs minister, Peter Dutton and Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop.

Peter Dutton is the contender, who had lost a leadership vote against the incumbent Malcolm Turnbull on Tuesday.

The coalition of Conservatives and Liberal party was due for election by May, 2019, but the political turmoil over trust had dragged the incumbent leader on the backfoot. The Liberal party shares the most in the existing coalition.

Meanwhile, Turnbull has decided to resign from the Parliament.

“I’ll be leaving the parliament not before too long. As I have always said. I’ve been very clear about that. It’s not a secret,” Turnbull told reporters in Canberra, as reported by Reuters.

The impact of Turnbull’s resignation would be that it will push the new government towards by-election for his Sydney seat. It will make the government, face its one-seat majority in loss.

Reuters reported that Turnbull said on Thursday, he believed that former prime ministers are best out of the parliament.


He is a 63-year-old former tech entrepreneur, merchant banker and a lawyer.  He assumed the national leadership in September 2015 after he won a party-room vote. He believed it to be necessary because his more conservative predecessor languished in opinion polls, which is more or less the same reason for his removal as PM.

Malcolm Turnbull has become the fourth prime minister who has been removed from the office by their own party since 2010.

He did not contest the party-room vote, which was won by Treasurer Scott Morrison.



Over the course of his ten years in the Australian parliament, Scott Morrison, has served as Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Social Services Minister, and as a Treasurer.

As Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, he successfully stopped the boats, fixing the very difficult problem of illegal immigration and people smuggling to Australia.

As Social Services Minister, he reduced abuse of the welfare system, put the pension system back on a sustainable financial footing and was the architect of the jobs for families initiative to make child care support fairer and more affordable.

As Treasurer, his achievements include reducing the deficit, getting debt under control, maintaining Australia’s AAA credit rating, cutting corporate and personal income taxes, ensuring multinationals pay their fair share of tax and making sure Australia’s banking system is strong, accountable, fairer and competitive.

During his time as Treasurer, more than 500,000 jobs have also been created in the Australian economy with unemployment falling by 0.5%.

ScoMo lives in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney’s south with his wife Jenny and their two young daughters and also is a big Tina Arena fan who is a famous Australian pop artist and actor.