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Russia Tries Different Ways to Prevent the Taliban’s Violence from Spilling Over

An “Extended Troika” meeting is to be held on 11th August 2021 to discuss the course of action to be taken to contain the situation rising in Afghanistan. Russia has been actively pursuing different channels to take timely initiatives. 

Russia invited the United States, China and Pakistan to discuss the measures that can be taken to check the increased violence being spread by the Taliban. The intention behind the meeting is to consult the major stakeholders and ensure that a peaceful process of discussion takes place. The talks are to take place in Qatar on 11 August 2021. The extended Troika meeting is being closely watched since the deteriorating condition in Afghanistan is a matter of concern to the entire international community. In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the developments in Afghanistan with the members of the Security Council last month.

In addition to the talks, Russia and Uzbekistan finished the course of an active joint military exercises near the Afghan border. The drill intends to keep a check on the area in case there were any consequences of the Afghani crisis. 

While these exercises had 1500 troops, Reuters reported that Russia is ready to send a much bigger contingent that will participate in a trilateral exercise. As Taliban began its advance towards the Northern part of Afghanistan, the countries started discussing the situation in which they could be at risk.

Afghanistan continues to be a source of concern for countries all over the world and there are many anxieties that have forced the neighbourhood to alert themselves. The outbursts of violence in Afghanistan due to the forced reign of Taliban has led to immigration as well as spill overs in the neighbouring countries. 

On one hand, there are countries like the United States, Turkey and many more involved in the peace-making processes by convincing Taliban to let democracy prevail in the troubled country. On the other, the same countries have started preparing for the debacle that will happen once the US pulls out of Afghanistan completely by military exercises. Russia has been trying to enhance security by ways including military exercises, negotiations as well as securing the borders.

The Russian Deputy Head of Mission Roman Babushkin had stated earlier that the Collective Security Treaty Organisation(CSTO) was considering a coordinated process to “fortify the borders”. The CSTO comprises of Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belorussia and Kyrgyzstan. Babushkin explicitly said that foreign intervention was not an option. Now the continuous violent instances have shaken the world into re-considering the choices made earlier. The way forward is yet to be decided.

Amidst all the measures being taken through different channels, the hope is that wisdom as well as peace will prevail in Afghanistan soon.