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Russia tightens data protection post intelligence leaks

Britain has alleged that two men of Russian origin were behind the death of spy Sergei Skripal

The Russian communication ministry has published a bill that implements strict policies around data protection in Russia. The bill seeks to protect leak of personal information from state agencies’ database.

Russian authorities had to deal with discomfiture when the passport information of two men accused by Britain in the Salisbury poisoning case was leaked. The leaked information, reportedly, identified the two men as Russian military intelligence officers. Russia has denied any involvement in the case. The communication ministry has further clarified that the bill was made on Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s 2017 orders.

The bill assures punishment for those who try to create and publish database of personal information drawn from official sources without authorisation. It also asserts that state agencies looking to set up personal data handling systems must consult with the Russian domestic intelligence agency, Federal Security Service.

The bill is currently available for the 30-day public consultation period, post which it will be sent ahead for parliamentary approval.