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Russia and the West on Their Way to Walk the Straight and Narrow?

The global dynamics is changing. There are visible re-arrangements of the international structure in the current times when the world is facing economic, medical and political crisis all at once. There are new blocs emerging and the old alliances are taking new shapes. 

Russia has always been a strong world power. Historically, it has stayed as one of the important stakeholders as well as a major leader of the world. In a world, where there are two separate blocs, Russia is one that influences both. 

On 16th June, American President Joe Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two acknowledged their unique responsibilities in stabilising the world and was the ground work for future initiatives. As a follow up, French President Emmanuel and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed that Russia be included in a summit with the European Union. There has been much resistance from the EU’s side which has not maintained cordial relations with Moscow for the last 7 years.

The German Chancellor Merkel had insisted that new formats be explored to hold a summit with Russia. Italy and Austria supported the proposal and acknowledged the importance of Russia as a global player. France and Germany both wanted to start working with Russia on issues like climate change and then expand horizons. The European Council claimed to “explore formats and conditions for a possible dialogue with Russia. The Russian medical diplomacy during the pandemic has not gone unnoticed. 

While the proposal did not get the desired support, it has highlight the relevance of Russia. Due to the change in global politics, it is imperative that the western countries work with all other countries to come up with a few substantial steps to preserve the world peace. One, there has to be a feeling of togetherness irrespective of the political systems, ideologies, etc. A collaboration between Russia and the western bloc will immediately transform the current world order into a much stronger one. The Cold War ended more than three decades ago. It is time that bigger challenges be realised and countries work together to make a better tomorrow. The proposal has put the idea in the minds of the country heads. It is a matter of time when Russia will be a part of international organisations consisting of the EU members. The expertise that Moscow has in areas ranging from space security to cyber security to conventional deterrents is at par with the best. Its entry into an agreement with the west will be a big win for the advocated of a strong international government and law.