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Protests in Chad : A Call for Help

The death of President Idriss Deby in Chad, South Africa has opened the pandora’s box in the conflict ridden country. The leader was killed during his visit to the soldiers in the midst of clashes with the rebels, a day after he won the elections. The situation in the country remains tense and is facing extreme violent threats in the transition phase. 

The source of agony in the masses is the interim government that has been established for a period of 18 months. A document that named 15 Army Generals was shared is claimed to have been put down by Mahamat Idriss Deby, former President Deby’s son. It names people who would be responsible for governing the country as a part of the Transitional Military Council. There has been general unrest within the country by people demanding for a civil leadership instead of a military rule.

The capital N’Djamena has been disturbed by the violent protests that has created unrest among the people. There have been accusations against the military for orchestrating a coup in the name of a military transition. The military council took a strong step and banned the demonstrations saying that any kind of disorder was not allowed in the mourning period. Yet, the people of the country have been voicing their opinions against the current leadership by calling it a coup or even a monarchy. 

The response from the international community has been one of condemnation. The French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his concern about the situation and shared his optimism for a peaceful transition in the country. The death of former President Deby came as a shock to the world but is also a matter for concern to France. Chad played an important role in sending troops for French military operations in Nigeria. The United Kingdom’s Dominic Raab condemned the killings in Chad and called for an end of violence. Officials from China too shared their condolences after the death of the former President. 

The whole incident is a matter of concern because of the circumstances of the death of the former President. There is an additional fear of the human rights and civil liberty violations. The African Union has also urged the country to take measures to normalise the transition process. In light of the importance of the discourse of pro democracy measures being talked about by the big powers, this incident shakes the basic tenets. There is a need to insist upon a peaceful leadership in the country to ensure no more lives are lost.