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North Korea and South Korea Showing Positive Signs

The Korean sub-continent are in news yet again albeit due to positive reasons this time. After efforts from both the sides, the process seems to be finally materialising. The South Korean government announced that the two countries are in talks to re-open a joint liaison office that was blown up by Pyongyang last year. They also spoke about organising a summit to improve the relations between the two. 

The South Korean President Moon Jae-in and the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have been trying to improve the relations between the two countries. This is important on two levels- one, it is a big achievement in resuming peace in the Korean sub-continent. Secondly, it will also facilitate the process of negotiations between North Korea and the United States. 

The leaders from both the countries have taken the decision to recover mutual trust and promote reconciliation. The relations between the two countries had improved in 2018 when the leaders from both met and tried to clear the misunderstandings. But just after that, the meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the American President Donald Trump did not go well and Pyongyang decided to cut off any ties with South Korea as well. 

The recent change in policy has been welcomed by all. There is an intention to set up a hot line between the two parts of the Korean sub-continent to ease out tensions as well as communication. Reuters reported that the current pandemic is an important factor that has brought a change in the North Korean policy. Better relations with South Korea will be a respite for North Korea in all aspects. It will also be a big step for the American administration since Pyongyang continues to challenge US at every step. 

As per Foreign Policy, this change in the North Korean attitude will result in substantial benefits for global peace and security in general by improving chances of the denuclearisation of North Korea, reduction of Chinese influence, and it is also a big step towards inclusion of North Korea in the global order. 

As a result of the new conversation between Pyongyang and Seoul, a new development has been the demand from North Korea to lift up sanctions before the talks with the US can resume. Another pre-condition is allowing import and export of refined oil and necessities. 

Pyongyang has a history of shocking the world with its u-turn in policies and failing to abide by the rules. However, the pandemic along with the sanctions has posed serious difficulties for the country. Thus, time might actually be a step forward to help improve the living conditions as well as to gain a place on the global map amongst the other countries.