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London Named the Best City in 2023

With a growing population of 11,120,000, London has taken the top spot in the world, beating Paris, Tokyo, and New York. Worldsbestcities.com conducts this survey every year, and it is based on categories known as the “six pillars of place equity.”

The ranking is based on place, product, programming, people, prosperity, and promotion. The city of London made it to the first spot due to its famous eating spots, its people, its luxurious properties, and its investment opportunities, along with its massive social media presence. Of all the cities, London had the most Instagram hashtags, Facebook check-ins, and TripAdvisor reviews. It is also noted that TikTok has prioritised London for years, as they started a 15-year lease on an office block in the city.

The city made a comeback from its pandemic dip and the repercussions that followed Brexit. People have been investing in London, with a primary focus on 61 of its luxury properties, each worth over $11.5 million or more, which were sold in the first six months of 2022, the highest in a decade. The seismic moves of high-profile new residents and giant businesses have dislodged the blockage caused by the pandemic, paving the way for global investments. This has made London the biggest magnet for the most foreign direct investments from international companies.

A major role was played by the publicity department, known as London & Partners, along with the economic development department, which offers financial perks for the relocation of all businesses. Tax incentives and a low corporate tax rate are also big perks for G7 countries, attracting them to London.

Thus, the culinary boom: thousands of tourists, a growing business base in Canary Wharf, thousands of Instagram-worthy cafes and restaurants, a hub of the most famous international brands on Oxford Street and Bicester Village, pubs on every corner filled with not only Brits but people from around the world with a chilled glass of beer, enjoying every sip as they watch thousands of tourists live their lives in the city of dreams—London.