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ISIS head Baghdadi released 55 minute audio message for his followers, calls the losses a test from Allah

On Wednesday, a 55 minute audio recording of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was found by the media wing of terror outfits.

In the audio, the leader denoting to his followers is heard saying that they are being tested with “fear and hunger” and that “glad tidings” will be rewarded to “patiently persevere”. He also said that the losses being faced by the outfit, were a test from Allah.

However, it has not been confirmed that the voice is of ISIS leader, but in the case of positivity, this would be the first message from the leader to his followers this year.

Last year in October, ISIS was driven away from the strongholds of Iraq and Syria in which they also lost control over their self-declared capital of Raqqa by the US backed military.

In the audio message, the man was quoted saying, “For the believer Mujahideen, the scale of victory or defeat is not counting on a city or town being stolen or subject to those who have aerial superiority, or intercontinental missiles or smart bombs, and not how many followers they have,” as reported by ANI.

A mention of the Syrian city of Idlib was also heard being made in the audio. The leader claimed that the Russian and the Syrian military were about to storm it “with the help of traitors.”


The ‘traitors’ was meant to refer to some Syrian rebels.

Sunni Muslims were called on to dethrone the government of Jordan, which is seen as an ally of the United States and the United Kingdom.