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Indonesian Foreign Minister to Strengthen Bilateral Relations with Papua New Guinea

In a significant stride towards bolstering bilateral relations, the Indonesian Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi, convened a Joint Ministerial Commission (JMC) meeting with the Foreign Minister of Papua New Guinea, Justin Tkatchenko, in Jayapura on May 8, 2024. The meeting, a historical first in Jayapura, laid the groundwork for enhancing cooperation between the two nations, particularly through development initiatives. Central to the discussions was the mutual commitment to fortify development cooperation, with a focus on a series of Indonesian Government grant projects spanning the health, infrastructure, and education sectors in Papua New Guinea. Foreign Minister Marsudi underscored Indonesia’s dedication to this cause, emphasizing plans to revitalize crucial institutions such as the Port Moresby General Hospital, fire stations, waste management facilities in Vanimo, and an elementary school in Wutung.

“The grant assistance program for Papua New Guinea epitomizes Indonesia’s steadfast commitment to bolstering development cooperation in the Pacific region,” Foreign Minister Marsudi stated, underlining the strategic importance of fostering sustainable growth and prosperity in neighbouring countries. In response, Foreign Minister Tkatchenko expressed heartfelt gratitude for Indonesia’s generous support, highlighting the nation’s pivotal role as an indispensable partner for Papua New Guinea. Both ministers stressed the paramount importance of upholding sovereignty and territorial integrity as cornerstones of their collaborative endeavours, underscoring the imperative of mutual trust in fostering enduring friendships among nations.

The JMC meeting yielded tangible outcomes, as both Foreign Ministers inked a Framework Agreement on Development and Technical Cooperation, setting a solid foundation for long-term collaboration. Additionally, representatives from each delegation signed an Agreement for Training and Capacity Building for Mid-Career Diplomats from Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) countries, further cementing ties and fostering diplomatic synergy. The bilateral relations between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea have been characterized by a multifaceted engagement spanning trade, defense, and cultural exchange. The geographical proximity and shared historical ties have forged a bond of mutual respect and cooperation between the two nations, underpinned by a shared vision of regional stability and prosperity.

The JMC meeting, an integral component of the bilateral mechanism, marks the fourth instance of high-level engagement between the Foreign Ministers of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, underscoring the commitment of both nations to nurturing a robust partnership for the mutual benefit of their peoples. As Indonesia and Papua New Guinea embark on a new chapter of collaboration, the JMC meeting in Jayapura stands as a testament to their shared commitment to advancing common goals and fostering inclusive development in the Asia-Pacific region.