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India, Egypt Sign Deal to Elevate Relations amid PM Modi’s Visit

By signing a historic agreement on June 25, 2023, to move their collaboration to a “strategic level,” India and Egypt have made considerable progress in advancing their bilateral relations. The agreement was reached during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trip to Cairo, when he met with Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the President of Egypt. The leaders discussed a range of cooperation opportunities, including commerce, investment, security, defence, and renewable energy, as well as links between cultures and people. Prime Minister Modi and President el-Sisi reaffirmed during their meeting their shared commitment to strengthening the current alliance and looking into new possibilities for cooperation. Both leaders emphasised the significance of further strengthening bilateral ties while acknowledging the enormous potential for growth and mutual gains in many industries.

During the discussions, trade and investment were among the main topics of discussion. The leaders agreed that there was a need to expand bilateral commerce and make use of untapped economic potential. They decided to encourage more communication between the two countries’ business communities, facilitating trade and investment through a number of measures. This action is anticipated to improve economic cooperation and open up new opportunities for both nations’ economies to flourish and create jobs.

Cooperation in the areas of defence and security took front stage in the discussions. Both presidents reaffirmed their dedication to fortifying defence relationships, which would include joint operations, training initiatives, and defence equipment collaboration. The agreement paves the way for increased collaboration in areas such as counterterrorism, maritime security, and defence technology. This strategic alliance has the potential to improve the security environment in the region and contribute to overall stability and peace.

The emphasis on renewable energy was yet another important feature of the deal. India and Egypt have made the decision to work together to fully use the potential of renewable energy sources because they understand the significance of sustainable development. In the fields of solar and wind energy, the two nations will exchange knowledge and best practises, aiding in the worldwide fight against climate change. This collaboration is anticipated to result in the creation of sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions that will benefit both countries and the larger international community.

Discussions also paid a lot of attention to cultural and inter-human relationships. The leaders emphasised the value of cross-cultural interactions in promoting friendship and understanding. They decided to encourage travel, educational exchanges, and cultural activities to foster more intercultural interaction. Such initiatives will deepen the cultural bonds between India and Egypt, enhancing the appreciation of each other’s rich heritage and traditions. This agreement’s signing ushers in a new phase in India-Egypt relations, elevating their degree of strategic cooperation. The leaders of both countries, Prime Minister Modi and President el-Sisi, expressed optimism that this stronger alliance will promote the development and welfare of the populations of both countries. The agreement is anticipated to strengthen the already strong historical and friendly connections between Egypt and India, creating new opportunities for collaboration and reaffirming their shared values of friendship.

During Modi’s visit to Cairo, he was conferred with the highest civilian honour of Egypt, the ‘Order of the Nile, by the Egyptian President. He also visited the Al-Hakim Mosque in Cairo on Saturday and thereafter went to Heliopolis War Cemetery and paid tribute to the Indian soldiers who made sacrifices during the First World War. Modi also held a round table conference with his counterpart and met various leaders on his two-day visit, where he was welcomed with rousing charms of ‘Vande Matram’ among several members of the Indian community.