Home International Relations First China Russia bomber patrol in Indo-Pacific Region

First China Russia bomber patrol in Indo-Pacific Region

China-Russia strategic bomber flights patrol in Indo-Pacific region
China-Russia strategic bomber flights patrol in Indo-Pacific region

Japan and South Korea respond with fighter jets on claims of violation of airspace by Russia aeroplanes

On July 23, the East China Sea and its adjoining Japan Sea witnessed the launch of two PLAAF  Xian H-6K long-range bombers and two Russian Air Force Tupalov  TU-95 MS strategic bombers. The Russia MOD statement reads “The event was held within the framework of the implementation of the provisions of the military cooperation plan for 2019and is not directed against third countries”.

During the pre-planned route of patrol, the Russian vessels are reported to have trespassed the South Korean air defence identification zone  (KADIZ) over the Dodku islands, or the Takeshima islands as Japans claims it to be. South Korea and Japan shot fighter jets F-15ks and F-16Ks and machine guns after the Russian A-5 refused to adhere to the radio warnings. This is noted to be the first-ever violation of Korean airspace by a Russian aircraft.

Japan had reported previous instances of violations by Russia near the MInamidaito islands and the Philippines Sea. Japanese  Air Self Defence Force(JASDF)  has reported having a total of 683 scrambles against the People’s Liberation Army Air force and Peoples Liberation Army Navy Air force and 343 against the Russian military aircraft.

Russia has denied any trespassing into the Korean airspace (KADIZ) and denied any radio warnings or any sort of communication before the firing of flares and machine guns. The Dokdo island over which the patrol bombers were launched is contested between Japan and South Korea. These islands lie between the radius of 400 kilometres of two countries. 

According to the Foreign Minister Taro Kano, “It is Japan that should take action against the Russian plane hat entered its airspace. It is incompatible with Japan’s stance that South Korea takes steps on that.”

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