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External Affair Minister Recently Held Three-Nation Tour to Bangladesh, Sweden, and Belgium

The three-nation tour led by External Affairs’ Minister, Dr. S. Jaishankar, involves interaction between member countries from different regional co-operations and involves discussion on a variety of areas.

During its first visit to Bangladesh, India interacted with its counterparts at the Indian Ocean Conference. The Indian foreign minister met his Nepalese counterparts, and they discussed a variety of issues such as energy, connectivity, and people-to-people contact. In Bangladesh, the main agenda was associated with energy, connectivity, and people-to-people contact.

During the 6th Regional Cooperation: Indian Ocean Conference 2023, we discussed the prospects for building security, through the shared importance of promoting shared security, prosperity, and peace. Through this conference, the countries will collaborate on promoting peace, prosperity, and security in the region. It also sets the stage for wider cooperation on promoting peace, prosperity, and security in the region. The success of the summit can be inferred from the wider cooperation among the countries on climate change, maritime security, economic development, and collaboration on climate change.

Through the conference, India is trying to achieve regional cooperation on important issues such as achieving “Peace, Prosperity and Partnership” in the region. India’s visit to Bangladesh was focused on building deep cooperation through a common agenda. Through their shared effort, India and Bangladesh’s cooperation can enhance connectivity across the Indian Ocean region. The high-level government delegation discussed different agendas, challenges, and establishing a sustainable future for the Indo-Pacific region.

Further, following the visit to Sweden, the External Affair Minister participated in the EU-Indo Pacific Ministerial Forum (EIPMF).  On this visit India and Sweden also sought cooperation through the Indo-Pacific Ministerial Forum. In this, both sides made a strategic assessment for strengthening their bilateral relations in terms of regional and global security. A trilateral meeting is expected to be held alongside this meeting the meeting will be between India, Europe, and the USA. 

This meeting is noteworthy for being held on the sidelines of celebration of a landmark i.e., 75 years of diplomatic relations between India and Sweden. During this meeting, the External Affairs Minister interacted with the Indian Diaspora in Sweden, this on the celebration of 75 years of bilateral relations. This marks a celebration of their shared past achievements in the Indo-Pacific region, as today, India and Sweden participated in a trilateral forum in Stockholm. They appraised cooperation between the two countries on trade through the India-EU Trade and Technology Council and the India-EU Pacific Ministerial Forum and connections between their diaspora.

At the first IETTC (India-EU Trade and Technology Council) meeting, their discussion was on bilateral cooperation and strategic concerns. This would facilitate interaction on contemporary issues in their three working groups, which are: first, strategic technology, digital governance, and digital connectivity; second, green and clean energy; and third, trade and investment. This partnership will make India the European Union’s second partner after the USA in building partnerships in technology and trade, and generate goodwill among the masses.

Through the six-day visits, India aims to explore ways to strengthen bilateral relations and bolster diplomatic relations through collaboration and engagement in bilateral and multilateral forums.