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Dr. Jaishankar Opens an Embassy in the Dominican Republic

Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, India’s external affairs minister, formally inaugurated the Indian embassy in the Dominican Republic, saying it will usher in a new era of bilateral collaboration as New Delhi increases its footprint in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Jaishankar landed in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic’s capital, on Thursday, i.e., the 27th of April, for his first official visit to the nation. Dr. Jaishankar tweeted that he is privileged to join Raquel Peña, who is the Vice President of the Dominican Republic while inaugurating the Embassy of India in the Dominican Republic. He further added that their political relations are extremely cordial, and both nations coordinate closely in various multilateral arenas. He expressed his confidence that the presence of their resident mission will mark a new era of collaboration and help expand their ties in the regional, bilateral, and international spheres.

Speaking at the ceremony, he stated that it was a very proud day for India and the Dominican Republic’s friendship. Dr. Jaishankar was given the honor of formally inaugurating their embassy in the Dominican Republic. The presence of Raquel Pena, Vice President of the Dominican Republic, illustrates the emphasis that the Dominican Government places on this. In 2022, India established its embassy in Santo Domingo officially. He added that the creation of this embassy would usher in a new era in their collaboration. They will take their bond to new heights. He stated that they are looking forward to continuing high-level exchanges between the two countries.

Speaking at a business gathering in the capital, Dr. Jaishankar stated that the Dominican Republic established its embassy in India in the year 2006. Dr. Jaishankar also stated that at a time when India is expanding its presence in the Latin American region, India sees the Dominican Republic as one of its key partners and that this relationship will not only have bilateral significance but will also have a larger regional contribution.

While speaking at a business event, Dr. Jaishankar emphasized India’s growing interest in Latin America. As Dr. Jaishnakar tweeted, India’s rising interest in Latin America is reflected in improved political contacts, growing trade, and expanded investments in energy, agriculture, medicines, mining, and information technology.

He went on to say that more mobility, market access, and faster regulatory approval will propel it to new heights. Increased trade will lead to increased investment. The presence of Indian enterprises in the Dominican Republic needs to be expanded. The deal reached on Thursday by their prime Chambers will be beneficial. He also appreciated the Foreign Minister of the Dominican Republic Roberto Alvarez’s articulation of such shared feelings.

He stated that the two countries had finalized talks on a mechanism for joint economic and trade cooperation (JETCO) and hoped that it would serve as a forum for frequent meetings regarding economic and business cooperation potential between both nations.