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Bangladesh-Japan Relations have Evolved into a”Strategic Partnership.”

Bangladesh and Japan have effectively advanced their bilateral relations from a”Comprehensive Partnership” to a”Strategic Partnership,” according to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday.

PM Sheikh Hasina said, “Prime Minister Kishida and I have discussed today the entire gamut of our bilateral relations. We are happy that Bangladesh and Japan have successfully elevated the bilateral relations to a “Strategic Partnership” from the existing “Comprehensive Partnership”.

PM Sheikh Hasina made the statements in a joint statement following the exchange of several instruments agreed upon by the two sides following bilateral talks with Japan’s Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, at the Prime Minister’s Office in Tokyo. 

On the 26th of April, Prime Minister Kishida met with Prime Minister Hasina at a summit meeting. The two Prime Ministers confirmed that, guided by the traditional and time-tested friendship that has existed between the two nations since Bangladesh’s independence, the two countries have made tremendous progress in bilateral ties based on the “Comprehensive Partnership” formed in 2014.

She stated that the two parties inked agreements and memorandums of understanding that will further institutionalize future collaboration in agriculture, customs, military, ICT and cyber-security, industrial upgrading, intellectual property, ship recycling, and metro rail.

Both presidents were determined to strengthen collaboration, particularly in the following areas.

Cooperation for Regional and Global Peace and Stability. Based on the fundamental values and principles which are shared by the two nations, both nations’ Prime Minister reinforced their commitment to realizing a free and open Indo-Pacific. This was decided that it will be based on the rule of law, where the freedom, rights, and, sovereignty of every nation, regardless of power or size are protected by international rules, laws, and norms.

Prime Minister Hasina congratulated Japan on its presidency of the G7. Prime Minister Kishida also unveiled a new strategy for a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP),” which will reinforce Japan’s efforts to promote the FOIP vision. Bangladesh reaffirmed its fundamental position in favor of a free,  inclusive, open, peaceful, and secure Indo-Pacific based on international law and mutually beneficial progress for all. 

Economic Cooperation Deepening for Mutual Benefit and Regional Prosperity. Recalling Japan’s commitment to assist up to 600 billion yen over four to five years beginning in 2014, the two Prime Ministers expressed satisfaction with the pledge’s successful fulfillment. They were also pleased that Japan’s aid since 2014 had totaled more than 2 trillion yen. They greeted the commercial inauguration of Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Line 6, Bangladesh’s first electric train, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties in 2022. The Prime Minister also stated that they discussed the MIDI (Moheshkhali-Matarbari Integrated Infrastructure Development Initiative) and BIG-B (Bay of Bengal Industrial Growth Belt) Initiative for the Development of Southern Bangladesh in order to connect the Bay of Bengal and neighboring regions. 

PM Sheikh Hasina commended the Japanese government for being one of their most important development partners. She expressed her gratitude to Prime Minister Kishida and the Japanese government for their hospitality to her and her group.