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China and the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (UN-ATT): Latest Development



In order to regulate arms sales in the world, China has finally decided to join the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (UN-ATT). This step was taken after United States pulled out of the treaty in 2019. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in its annual report in 2019 “Trends in World Military Expenditure” has pointed out that China is the second most arms producer in the World, only after United States.

China has been watchful when it came to export of military products in the past. Recently, the country has decided to join the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. With this step, it is predicted that China will be able to regulate the sales of its arms to countries as well as it will promote and enhance peace and stability around the world. In support of multilateralism, this treaty is definite to be a win-win situation, especially in such times of crisis. Added to that, China has also clarified, the military products would be exported only to sovereign countries and not to non-state actors.

This is beneficial as the treaty requires member countries to keep a record of the international transfers of weapons. This measure is important as it prohibits the cross-border shipments, in violation of human rights and human trafficking. The member states of the treaty are to seek the assistance for the implementation of the treaty from UN Trust Facility Supporting Cooperation on Arms Regulation (UNSCAR) which was launched for redressal to help member states. This treaty definitely promises some peace especially to the conflicted states, as there would be regulation of the supply of arms, as there would be a record of all the sales, but whether it would be implemented in the best of the terms, we need to wait and see.


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