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Belarus and Mongolia Sign 14 Documents to Boost Bilateral Cooperation

In a significant step towards strengthening bilateral relations, Belarus and Mongolia signed 14 documents on Monday aimed at expanding cooperation between the two nations. The signing ceremony took place during Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s official visit to the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar. The ceremony followed a series of narrow and expanded talks between President Lukashenko and his Mongolian counterpart, Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh. According to a statement from the Belarusian presidency, the discussions culminated in the signing of a comprehensive roadmap for cooperation between Belarus and Mongolia until 2026.

“Today we have identified strategic directions for bilateral cooperation. And not only strategic ones. Specific economic and cooperation projects were discussed in detail,” Lukashenko remarked during a press conference following the ceremony. Lukashenko emphasized Belarus’s commitment to developing long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with Mongolia. He expressed readiness to employ preferential financing mechanisms for various projects to facilitate this partnership.

The talks between the two leaders covered promising areas of cooperation, particularly in the trade and economic sectors. Discussions included the potential for expanding the supply of food and industrial products to the Mongolian market from Belarusian enterprises and exploring joint ventures in the agro-industry. “Let’s say frankly that our trade and economic relations want, to put it mildly, to be much better. If you wish, we are ready to do everything to contribute our part of the work to the well-being of the Mongolian people,” Lukashenko stated.

President Khurelsukh highlighted the significance of Lukashenko’s visit, the first-ever by a Belarusian president since the establishment of bilateral ties. “This is a historic visit that will strengthen our relations and cooperation,” he said, adding that it marks a “new page in the good and trusting relations of our peoples.”

In conjunction with the high-level talks, a business forum was held in Ulaanbaatar. The forum presented the export potential of the participating companies, aiming to foster business connections and opportunities. Notably, Belarusian Industry Minister Alexander Rogozhnik and Mongolia’s Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry Minister Bolorchuluun Khayangaa signed an action plan to implement the economic aspects of the roadmap for 2024-2026. President Lukashenko’s official visit to Ulaanbaatar began on the 1st of June and is set to continue until the 4th of  June, marking a pivotal moment in Belarus-Mongolia relations and setting the stage for enhanced collaboration in the coming years.