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A Blow to US- Iran Relationship: Assassination of Fakhrizadeh

The new President-elect Joe Biden has a challenging task in hand to restart diplomatic relations with Tehran after the assassination of a top Iranian nuclear scientist named Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Biden already had planned to get the US back into the international nuclear Iranian programme of 2015, as Trump had pulled the US out of this accord in order to put maximum pressure against Iran. 

The responsibility has not yet been claimed, but Iranians are doubtful of Israel, a key US ally who were advocates of Trump’s strict position against the Iranian government. The Israelis had so much to gain from the assassination of Fakhrizadeh as he was a high-ranking physicist and the head of the Research and Innovation Organization in Iran’s Ministry of Defense. Israel has declined to comment on the scientist’s assassination. 

The Trump government not only withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal in order to isolate Iran but also implied economic sanctions against Iranian industries. The analysts have stated that Trump will not stop here but go to any limits to disturb things with Iran and its allies in the Middle East in order to put more pressure on the Biden administration. The analyst also shed light on the problems that the Biden administration will face as they were hoping to discuss matters like ballistic missiles and regional politics with Iran. The assassination has ended all chances of any engagement or compromise from the Iranian government’s side.