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Visit of Minister of State for External Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs of India Visited Brazil for the G20 Foreign Minister’s Meeting

Shri V. Muraleedharan, the Minister of State for External Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs (MoS), participated in the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (FMM). The meeting took place under the presidency of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro from 21-22 February 2024. Foreign ministers, heads of delegations of G20 members, invited countries, and many international organizations were some of the many participants. Mr. Mauro Vieira, Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, chaired the meeting.

Session 1:

The first session of FMM was held on February 21st. Its theme was “G20’s role in dealing with ongoing international tensions.” Representing India, Shri Muraleedhar highlighted how it is four developing countries, viz., Indonesia, India, Brazil and South Africa, that have held the G20 presidency consecutively. The MoS also mentioned the recent inclusion of the African Union in the G20 and welcomed the bloc to its first G20 FMM as a permanent member. Shri Muraleedharan emphasised the need to develop an action-oriented and inclusive response to contemporary global issues that disproportionately affect the Global South. He reminded the august audience of the significant consensus reached in the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration (NDLD). He urged the G20 member states to work consistently towards achieving these development-oriented goals, NDLD decisions, and outcomes.

Session 2:

The second session of the FMM was held on February 22nd. Its theme was “Global Governance Reform.” Shri Muralidharan noted that the global order has undergone an inevitable modification due to the creation of the multilateral governance architecture in recent times. Therefore, to be more responsive to global challenges, the MoS suggested an urgent need for a paradigm shift in the working methods of vital international institutions. Reiterating an NDLD decision, Shri Muraleedharan emphasised delivering more representative Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs). This would regulate smoother financial flows to enable climate action and accelerate the progress of the SDGs. He stressed that the UN reform process needs to be open, outcome-oriented, transparent, and within a defined timeframe. This would also include the UN Security Council. The MoS concluded the session by reiterating India’s support for trade and investment policies that further global prosperity.


Shri Muraleedharan also participated in the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on February 22, 2024, held after the FMM. The MoS emphasised the need to work together towards common goals in areas of shared interest. After the first session of IBSA, Shri Muraleedharan posted on his social media: “Pleasure to represent India at the IBSA Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Rio, chaired by Brazil. During Session 1 on ‘IBSA: Perspectives & Institutional Development’, shared my views on current significance of IBSA, potential areas for future collaboration, exemplary role of IBSA Fund.” After the second session, he wrote: “Glad to speak at Session 2 of the IBSA Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on ‘G20’ in Rio. Underscored the centrality of the development agenda in G20 deliberations. Highlighted the distinctive position of IBSA, as the present G20 troika, to promote the interests of the global south.”

On February 21st, the Brazilian Foreign Minister and Mayor of Rio hosted an official dinner, and on February 22nd, the Brazilian Foreign Minister hosted a farewell lunch. Shri Muraleedharan attended both occasions along with other dignitaries. The MoS also met with the Foreign Minister of Uruguay, Eng. Omar Paganini and other foreign ministers, too. Additionally, he interacted with the vibrant Indian diaspora in Rio before concluding his visit.