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Venezuela and Turkey Sign Nine Bilateral Agreements to Strengthen Relations

In a significant move to bolster diplomatic and economic relations, Venezuela and Turkey have signed nine bilateral agreements covering various sectors. Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Yván Gil, reported on 23rd May, 2024, that the agreements were part of the Joint Commission’s efforts to enhance cooperation and solidarity between the two nations. “We are pleased to announce that following the guidelines of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, we have reached important agreements with the Republic of Türkiye to strengthen our bilateral relations through exchanges and solidarity cooperation,” Foreign Minister Yván Gil stated on the social media platform X.

The agreements, forged in cooperation with Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Hakan Fidan, span a wide array of areas including agriculture, health and medical sciences, civil aviation, human rights protection, education, and university scholarships. Notably, the agreements aim to strengthen Turkish Maarif Foundation schools in Venezuela, promote tourism and the performing arts, and facilitate collaboration in the production of films and television series. The Fourth Venezuela-Turkey Joint Commission, established in Ankara, Turkey’s capital, provided the framework for these discussions and agreements. The Commission’s primary goal is to address bilateral interests that favour development and foster cooperative pacts. On May 21, six working groups focused on diverse sectors such as economy, finance, foreign trade, industry, energy, infrastructure, transport, agriculture, fisheries, livestock, culture, tourism, sports, and development cooperation, as well as education, science, and technology.

The day before the signing, representatives from both countries held bilateral meetings to discuss specific issues of mutual interest, including agriculture, shipping, science and technology, theatres, and human rights. These discussions were marked by a productive atmosphere of fraternal friendship, solidarity, and mutual respect that characterizes the relations between Venezuela and Turkey.

The relationship between Venezuela and Turkey has grown increasingly robust in recent years. Both countries have found common ground in their mutual desire to enhance economic ties, political cooperation, and cultural exchange. This partnership has been underscored by a series of high-level visits and diplomatic engagements, reflecting a shared commitment to deepening their bilateral relationship.

The recent agreements underscore the strategic importance both nations place on their partnership. For Venezuela, collaboration with Turkey offers opportunities to diversify its economic partnerships and gain technological and educational advancements. For Turkey, Venezuela represents a significant partner in Latin America, enhancing its influence and fostering new economic opportunities. The recent agreements are a testament to the evolving and strengthening relationship between Venezuela and Turkey. As both countries continue to navigate the complexities of international diplomacy and global trade, their enhanced cooperation sets a promising foundation for future collaboration and mutual benefit.