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UAE Appoints Its First-Ever Ambassador to Israel

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has appointed its first ever ambassador to Israel. Newly appointed UAE envoy Mohamed Al Khaja, presented his credentials to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on March 1.

Israel hosted an official reception for the UAE Ambassador on Mr Al Khaja’s arrival.

Mohamed Al Khaja said, “Today, we are witnessing a new vision that will create a better path for the Middle East region. The Abraham Accords Peace Agreement is a historic achievement that will not only positively impact both countries, but also the entire region. Every option other than peace will mean destruction, poverty, and human suffering.”

President Rivlin said, “This is a special moment for me as President of Israel.” He also praised UAE for being a peace-advocating country and for successfully turning the desert into a flourishing oasis that has become a hub for technology, creativity, and advanced sciences.

He also emphasised that even though the agreements are concluded between leaders, people forge real and sustainable peace.

“There are many things we can do to push our peoples and the Middle East forward by promoting regional cooperation, mutual respect, and the consolidation of the values of peace,” said President Rivlin.

In September 2020, UAE initiated full diplomatic relations with Israel and signed Abraham Accords. The accords were facilitated by the former US President Donald Trump. With the signing of Abraham accords, the UAE became the third majority Arab country to establish official ties with Israel. In 1979, Egypt established ties with Israel and Jordan in 1994. Soon after the UAE signed Abraham Accords, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan also joined the accords. The Abraham Accords broke the long standing consensus of Arab nations not to establish formal relations with Israel.

“The UAE and the State of Israel share common ground, and we maintain a common vision for the future in which the values of tolerance and cooperation are needed now more than ever before. The historic Abraham Accords Peace Agreement, signed at the White House in September 2020, has opened a new chapter in relations between our two countries and promotes stability and security in our region,” said Mr Al Khaja.

In January 2021, Israel opened its embassy in UAE with Eitan Na’eh as an ambassador.