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“Trade, commerce, and FDI form the cornerstone of UAE-India ties in the 21st century”

Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to India, H.E. Dr. Ahmed Albanna

Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to India, H.E. Dr. Ahmed Albanna

In an interview with Diplomacy & Beyond,  Ambassador of  the United Arab Emirates to India, H.E. Dr. Ahmed Albanna, shares  his vision on furthering the bilateral relations between  the two nations in the area of trade, commerce, foreign policy and sustainable development. Here are the excerpts…

  1. Sir, describe your stay in India so far?

So far my stay in India is great. I enjoyed every moment and every moment was an experience.

  1. Share your mission and vision as an Ambassador of the Embassy of UAE to India?

My vision is to bring these two friendly countries relationship to take to a new height in every area of mutual interest.

  1. How do you define the historical relationship between India and the UAE in political, economic, religious and cultural terms?

India and the UAE enjoy a strong and friendly relationship, based on historical contacts, shared traditions and values. In the evolving global scenario, trade, commerce, and foreign direct investment (FDI) would be the cornerstone of India-UAE ties in the 21st century.

  1. How do you see the present Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi in context to furthering of relationship between the two nations?

Your Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is dynamic and very forthcoming in cementing the relationship between these two friendly countries.

  1. Throw some light on the initiatives taken between India and the UAE to promote trade and commerce?

UAE is India’s third largest trade partner with $60 billion in trade for 2014-15 after China and the US. This shows that both countries have taken development agenda as a very important pillar for strengthening the relationship. Each Emirate in the UAE has taken steps to nurture the development of non oil industries, in terms of providing attractive structures and support mechanism through developing facilities such as – Industrial zones, Business parks, and vital energy and transport network.

  1. What prospects do you see for oil industry investors today from the standpoint of Indian nationals planning to do business in the UAE?

They are always welcome.

  1. UAE is home to Indian expatriate community of more than 2.6 million – the largest expatriate community in the UAE. The diaspora is both industrious, prosperous and acts as a significant bridge between the two nations. How do you ensue their needs are properly looked after?

The Indian community has played a major role in economic development of the UAE and is respected for its professionalism and reliability. The UAE government is always keen to secure a safe and attractive environment for the Indian expatriate community. The UAE Government has initiated many welfare measures to help overseas workers.

  1. Should we expect a more dynamic phase in the India-UAE relationship in the upcoming days?

Sure, I don’t have any doubt about this.

  1. What is your message for the readers of Diplomacy & Beyond (D&B) magazine?

Best of luck and wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.