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The United States Declares Emergency in California

The Maria Fire is seen in Santa Paula, Calif. Ventura County law enforcement said the "firefighting aerial efforts were hampered by someone flying an unmanned aerial system."

Climate change is one of the most important things to focus on as it is affecting countries across the globe. The effects of climate change are increasing day by day. The reason for it is the rise in the temperature which is around 1.2 degrees Celsius is leading to the heating up of the earth and destabilizing it.  During the summers, the heat this year is breaking records. Another problem is that the dry and hot air is combined with low humidity eventually leads to forest fires. The low humidity and dry conditions are making the situation worse for the fires to happen.

The Caldor Fire is one of more than 24 fires currently burning in California, where climate change has created the worst of conditions over the last 30 years. The fire started on August 14, 2021, and since then has charred more than 82,500 hectares of timber. The dry conditions and low humidity are making the conditions worse. Early Thursday morning, the Caldor fire moved at 328 square miles and was contained by 25%. But as per the reports by the authorities now, the fire is now 23% contained and heading towards the Nevada border. The blaze has destroyed more than 780 structures and has damaged 44 as well. There have been no deaths due to the fire yet five people have been injured, including two firefighters who have suffered from third-degree burns. 

US President Joe Biden has declared an emergency for the state of California and federal assistance to help firefighters combat the Caldor Fire which is spreading towards the popular tourist destination of Lake Tahoe. But since yesterday while the slowing winds might have spared Lake Tahoe, the blaze is moving now toward Nevada which is California’s easterly neighbour. Further, the fire has raged about five miles from the Nevada State line. According to the forecast model that the respected department is using shows the fire has been kept heading towards the east. The director of the Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center at San Jose State University stated that “I’d be surprised if it doesn’t make it to Nevada in the next day or so”.

As the President has declared this as an emergency, it has authorized Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate all the disaster relief related to the fire. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Branch can now be directly involved and provide all the necessary materials require to counter the fire.