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The UK Issues Rare Red Weather Warning Over Powerful Storm Eunice

The red weather is not only rare but dangerous as well. It indicates that the weather will be severe and its conditions will pose a huge danger to life. It is also the highest level of warning that can be declared with the scale indicating that the danger will have a high impact and can be a huge danger leading to huge loss of property as well as life. This can be applied to a range of weather conditions, with red weather warnings available for wind, snow and rain.

On 17th February 2022, the UK’s meteorological service has issued a rare red weather warning with Storm Eunice arriving with wind gusts of 160km (100 miles) per hour and that it will be a huge danger to life. The storm is currently heading from the Atlantic and will make a landfall today causing the winds to be strong and dangerous leading to significant disruption and dangerous conditions. The red warning, which is issued when dangerous weather is expected, is in place for parts of Cornwall, on England’s southwest coast, and south Wales. Ireland’s meteorological office has also issued an alert for the same storm. Previously on Wednesday, the UK was hit by another storm named Dudley but there weren’t many major damages as it was not widespread. 

On Thursday itself the government held an emergency meeting to discuss how to control the damages and help the civilians go through these storms. The Civil Contingencies Committee (COBR) has already laid down a framework on how to deal with these two storms. Trees being uprooted, electrical lines being ripped apart and also coming off of the roofs of the house are among the listed things that can happen during the storm. The roads, bridges and railway lines are already been closed as these might lead to delay and chaos.