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The Biden Administration Plans on Reviewing the Taliban Deal

The Biden administration’s top diplomat has stated that they would review the deal with Taliban and his concerns over the means to prevent any resurgence of terrorism. The prior administration of Trump signed a deal in February 2020 with the Taliban, to end the longest war of America but had some annexes classified. Trump administration has claimed to have reduced the troop levels to just 2,500.

Anthony stated the desire of the new administration, to bring back the forces and finish this so-called forever war. He also focuses to end all possibilities of a resurgence of terrorism which got the US involved in the very first place. His role as the Secretary of State will play a major role in bringing about a conclusion about this deal.

According to the accord signed in Doha, the United States stated that they would withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by May 2021, in return, the Taliban agreed to disable any kind of extremists to operate from Afghanistan. However, the Taliban have done continuous attacks on the government. The US has been involved in Afghanistan ever since the September 11, 2001 attacks against the US with the sole goal of removing the Al-Qaeda. 

The agreement had various classified annexes which made it very prone to criticisms in the United States under the assumption that there were secret understandings with the Taliban.  Biden was always in favor of ending the war in Afghanistan, but his aides had always supported a small force being deployed all the time in order to handle any slight level of violence.

Anthony has also promised to keep in mind the rights of women and girls who were abstained from any right during the Taliban regime from 1996-2001. He acknowledges the fact that none of this would be easy, but he promises to work and deliver the best results for both the countries.