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Tanzania Union Day:

Union Day is important for Tanzania, as it commemorates the union of the two former states, the People’s Republic of Zanzibar and the  Republic of Tanganyika, in 1964. The day is celebrated on 26th April and it signifies enhanced cooperation among people. The union was inaugurated by former President Mwali Nyerer of the Republic of Tanganyika and Shiek Abeid Aman Karume, leader of the revolutionary movement. The day was commemorated through the exchange of the articles of union. The article signifies the close relationship between the people of the two unions and their common struggle for independence. It aims to create a feeling of pan- Africanism. As the sole surviving union, it showcases that it is possible to achieve African unity by bringing together African people and their leaders. Some important leaders of that time, such as Neyere and Zanzibar, have been the visionaries behind taking Tanzania towards the eastern association. After gaining independence  taking African unity forward in 1967, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya launched the East African Community Union in 2005. To further promote economic growth, the countries signed an agreement that would provide for the free movement of goods and services. Thus integrating them into the African community. On this day, the President of Tanzania reviews their progress and continuously works for the welfare of Tanzians and Zanzibarians.