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Sporadic airstrike continues after Gaza truce

Body of Rasmi Abu Malhous and seven members of his family who were killed in overnight Israeli missile strikes.
Body of Rasmi Abu Malhous and seven members of his family who were killed in overnight Israeli missile strikes.

The fighting between Israel and Islamic Jihad militant’s continues which ranges throughout Gaza.  Residents say Airstrike came without warning.

Importantly, two loud blasts shook the night. This has resulted in destroying Abu Malhous home and killing eight members of the family in a few seconds. After that, Israel claims victory in the battle against Gaza militants.

Interestingly, the victory claim raised many questions on carrying out an airstrike on private homes. The airstrike has resulted in civilian death toll which once again drags Israel to trouble.  

According to human rights investigators, 34 people killed in a two-day flare-up. The death toll includes 16 civilians and two 7-year-old boys and two toddlers.

The truce which was announced early Thursday appeared to be breaking down. The truce seems to end in less than 24 hours. Israel resumed airstrikes on Gaza overnight Friday to retaliate against a series of Palestinian rocket attacks.

Israelis has fought three wars and dozens of skirmishes since Hamas seized power in Gaza in 2007. Apart from the heavy damage to Hamas fraction and the smaller Islamic Jihad group, hundreds of civilians have also lost their lives in Israeli airstrikes.

Due to the high civilian death toll, Israel receives heavy international criticism. Above all, the International Criminal Court has opened a preliminary investigation into their battlefield tactics.

Although, Israel negates every criticism, saying it takes every possible precaution to prevent unnecessary civilian casualties.

Notably, Israel says its targets are based on sophisticated intelligence. Significantly, the target cleared by legal advisers and other experts. Above all, they often warn inhabitants to evacuate before their homes are struck.

Moreover, it says it has fine-tuned its guided missiles, delivering small payloads which are known to minimize damage beyond the precise target.

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