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Prime Minister of Rwanda and Deputy Prime Minister of UAE Launch UAE-Rwanda Partnership to Exchange Government Experience

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of the UAE, Lt. Gen. H.H. Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and Prime Minister of the Republic of Rwanda, Édouard Ngirente, witnessed the launch of a partnership between the governments of the UAE and Rwanda. The main aim of the partnership is to modernize government work under the Government Experience Exchange Program.

At the World Government Summit, the partnership was announced, and more than 10,000 leaders, heads of international organizations, government officials, international companies, and entrepreneurs from around the world participated. The primary goal of bilateral cooperation is to share the expertise and successful experiences developed by the governments of Rwanda and the UAE in various areas of future government work and the best practices of the governments of both nations in promoting work quality, institutional excellence, service development, and government innovation.

Assistant Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Competitiveness and Knowledge Exchange and Chairman of the Competitiveness Council Abdullah Nasser Lootah and Ambassador of Rwanda to the UAE Emmanuel Hategeka signed the agreement.

The keen interest of the government of the UAE in setting up international cooperation aimed at modernizing government work and enhancing cooperation and partnerships while exchanging its experiences in government work in order to empower the government and reinforce its readiness for the future was emphasized by Lootah. He went on to say that the summit is the largest platform in the world for forming alliances to shape the future and explore new opportunities. This agreement will strengthen the capabilities of the governments, empower human resources, and provide them with future tools and skills to improve government performance.

In turn, Hategeka stated that the adaptation of an integrated governance model and the building of strong institutions are two of the major factors in the transformation of the socioeconomic sphere in Rwanda and a foundation for Rwanda’s Vision 2050.

According to Hategeka, they seek to strengthen their relationship with the UAE. The MoU emphasises their common pursuit of excellence in the sphere of governance and the provisions for better service for the prosperity of the two nations and their people.

The focus of the collaboration is to empower government agencies and the capabilities of humans in Rwanda and to enhance the exchange of government expertise and knowledge between both sides. They provide them with the best skills and tools that are required to sustainably lead the future of government work and development processes.

This collaboration also assists both parties in adopting innovative business models based on a forward-thinking vision in order to find effective, proactive solutions while facing challenges that will contribute to enhancing readiness and building a better future for future generations.

The World Government Summit is an inclusive platform that primarily focuses on exploring and forming future governments, building a better future for humanity, and establishing partnerships at the international level that are based on inspiring future governments.