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Political Tactics in Hong Kong- Another Case of Chinese Non-Compliance

China has been at the receiving end of international backlash due to its ignorance towards international agreements and laws. Whether it is the announcement about the existence and spread of the coronavirus in 2019 or its interference in South Asia or the recent ‘ take over’ of Hong Kong, China has continued to move ahead with its policies without giving the international reactions a second thought. 

The parliamentary body of China announced that only patriots could join the governing body of Hong Kong. This decision that was taken by voting is a clear indication of the Chinese intentions to amend as well as control the political affairs in Hong Kong. The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang expressed his disregard for the international criticism that the country was facing for apparent attacks on democratic values. The decision to ‘ filter’ out the governing body of Hong Kong however proves that the concerns about Chinese intentions are justified. This is also the demise of the one country two systems approach clearly. 

The United Kingdom (UK) has responded firmly to this development and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab described China as a “ state of non-compliance”. He said this step followed a “ pattern designed to harass and stifle all voices critical of China’s policies”.  UK has continued to call out the Chinese measures as fowl and accused it of violating the norms of the agreement that had been signed between the countries. China has responded to these claims by stating that UK has no sovereignty or obligations towards the citizens of Hong Kong and should stay out of the matter. 

The European Union voiced its concern for the political deterioration in Hong Kong and pointed at the Chinese attempts to dismantle the one country two systems model consciously. The United States too described the above measures as an assault on democracy. It is however worth noting that China has continued to go ahead as planned and is giving a cold shoulder to any such responses.

In the current circumstances, it is necessary that the states come together to strengthen the mechanisms of the United Nations or take combined efforts to check China. Its consistent and holistic anti-democratic approach is a threat to several countries and raises questions about the capabilities of global governance mechanisms. A global response to this situation is necessary to blow the cover and create pressure on China for it to realise the power of the international norms.