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Netanyahu plans to materialize the controversial annexation of the West Bank



On 17th May, 2020, Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Israel. The coalition or unity government will see him rotate the office with his ex-rival Benny Gantz. The main highlight of Netanyahu’s election campaign was the infamous annexation of parts of the West Bank and Jordan Valley. Though it was speculated that the leader would not go ahead with the proposed agenda, Netanyahu on 24th June,2020 announced that he will be proposing the materialization of this ultranationalist move as discussion on the same is scheduled to happen on July 1st in the cabinet. The announcement has met with massive protests in Palestine.

Netanyahu’s annexation vision and Israel’s claim on Palestine has consistently received global condemnation. The issue of not granting citizenship to the Palestenians in the occupied part and Jewish settlements in the West Bank has brought much criticism for Israel. In 1980 Israel had annexed a large part of Palestinian East Jordan, followed by the annexation of Golan Height in 1981 from Syria. As per the international law it is unlawful to annex any part or territory by force. United Nations human rights specialists, in the light of recent developments in Israel, have claimed that Israel’s intentions are in direct collision with Palestinian claim over its sovereignty. Urging the world to vociferously oppose Netanyahu’s annexation endeavors, 50 independent UN human rights signed a joint statement and said that “the annexation of occupied territory is a serious violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the Geneva Conventions.”

The global response to the current Palestine-Israel status-quo over this issue has been quite divided, with Washington appearing to be at the frontline of supporters in view of Trump’s peace plan released in January this year for the Middle-Eastern countries. Inter-alia other proposed pointers, the plan seeks undivided support and acceptance of the annexation from Palestinians and legalization of the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Shortly after the release of the plan, Netanyahu officially announced the annexation of 131 Jewish settlements in the West Bank. On the other hand U.K. has opposed the annexation and  The UAE and EU have urged Israel to reconsider its decision that could disrupt  peace and stability in the area and amount to human rights crises and illegal domination.