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Mexican President Proposes PM Modi for Promotion of World Truce

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in a press conference in Mexico City, presenting his vision for creating a period of peace in the world, said he is planning to submit a written proposal to the UN to create a commission for “promotion of world truce” for a period of five years, which should comprise of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Pope Francis. He further added that the three of them must meet and soon present a proposal to discontinue wars everywhere, and reach an accord to seek truce for at least five years, so that governments around the world can commit themselves to supporting their people. He also added that such truce could help achieve peace among countries, and facilitate attaining agreements in Israel, Palestine and Taiwan. President Obrador made a special appeal to three great governments of three great powers-China, Russia and the United States, by urging them to pay heed his words and accept an intermediation. 

President Obrador’s statement reflected the high regard in which the world held PM Modi and his leadership. It is assumed that the list will find mention during the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly that will convene in September. PM Modi and other leaders of the Member States are expected to partake in the session when the international organization will discuss the conundrums in Ukraine, Gaza Strip and the regional tension over Taiwan.

In the year 2021, Mexico and India commemorated 71 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations, and today both the countries recognise each other as interlocutors of their respective regions. Mexico and India are members of the G-20, which brings together 20 of the largest economies in the world and whose presidency in 2023 will be assumed by India. Similarly, both countries are also non-permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, and in both forums, Mexico and India aim to contribute towards world peace and security. 

India and Mexico are ancient countries with rich history and diversity, and their bilateral relationship has evolved positively in recent years and they will continue to strength their strategic partnership based on greater political dialogue, cooperation, and economic exchange.