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Japan-USA Foreign Ministers Meeting Held in New York

The Honourable Antony Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States of America, met with Ms. Kamikawa Yoko, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, on September 18 in New York City.

In her opening remarks, Minister Kamikawa expressed her happiness to meet Secretary Blinken so soon after their phone conversation from last week, which followed her appointment as Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs. Secretary Blinken replied that, in order to defend the very underpinnings of the international system, he would prefer to work closely with Minister Kamikawa.

The two ministers discussed regional concerns. The two ministers agreed to keep up their close cooperation in solving the numerous problems that the global community is currently facing, such as Russia and Ukraine, and so on. Minister Kamikawa expressed her gratitude for the U.S.’s understanding of and support for Japan’s efforts on ALPS-treated water.

The two ministers agreed to continue the conversation about expanding their concrete security cooperation in order to further bolster the deterrent and response capabilities of the Japan-U.S. Alliance in light of the increasingly dire regional security environment. The two ministers also discussed closely consulting at numerous levels to strengthen extended deterrence.

In addition, Minister Kamikawa noted that she was interested in working closely on the topic of women, peace, and security, which Secretary Blinken strongly supported.

Both ministers emphasised how crucial it is for the two countries to work together more. They also agreed to continue collaboration with other global partners in order to promote security and prosperity for their two nations, the Indo-Pacific region, and the world.

This meeting was followed by Minister Kamikawa and Secretary Blinken’s introductory phone call last week. During the phone call, Foreign Minister Kamikawa made it clear from the start that she wanted to get along well with Secretary Blinken and enhance the Japan-U.S. Alliance, which is now more powerful than ever. Secretary Blinken said that he would want to congratulate Foreign Minister Kamikawa on her new position.

As the basic foundation of the international order is shaky, Foreign Minister Kamikawa declared that Japan will fulfil its responsibility as the G7 chair to defend and strengthen the free and open international order that is based on the rule of law. The two ministers agreed that there should be more cooperation and acknowledged that the coordination between the US and Japan in the economic sphere is growing and expanding.

Japan and the United States are strong allies that share strategic interests and fundamental values, with the Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements at their core. As part of the alliance, Japan and the United States collaborate closely, sharing roles and responsibilities on bilateral, Asia-Pacific, and global issues as well as regional ones.