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Iran Opens an Oil Terminal to Fight the New Sanctions

The recent opening up of an oil terminal in Iran has led to a new turn in the events. The Wall Street Journal reported that the US was considering new sanctions on Iran in light of its oil sale to China. The opening up of the new oil terminal in the Gulf of Oman puts that thought process in a muddle. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gave a statement and justified the oil terminal by calling it a strategic move to ensure that oil exports continued. He also said that the opening of this terminal is evidence of the failure of the American sanctions on Iran. As per him, Iran will be able to export 1 million barrels of oil per day with the opening up of the Bandar-e-Jask port on Iran’s Gulf of Oman coast which is south of the Strait of Hormuz. 

Iran is being closely watched by countries all over the world. As the time passes, there are new complications rising in the scenario. The American negotiators have been trying to strike a deal that is acceptable to Iran and even upholds the integrity of the international nuclear norms. Amidst the constant reluctance and violations on part of Iran, the US haas been opting for tighter sanctions to bring Tehran to the negotiating table. The main aim is to revive the 2015 nuclear deal that put capping on the Iranian nuclear programme.

Amidst the strict economic sanctions, the oil supply to China is one of Iran’s most crucial source of income. US plans to scrutinise the shipping networks that are used to export oil and put restrictions. That will hamper the struggling Iranian economy. 

Iran is one of the most important challenges for the Biden administration in the US. The Times os Israel reported that in trying to overcome the hurdle, the US came up with many strategies including a diplomatic campaign to convince China, India and other countries who are the major buyers of the Iranian crude oil or are involved with Iran for debt finances and financial transfers to create pressure. 

The American policy is straightforward. If Iran agrees for the nuclear deal, the sanctions will be eased or completely removed in the long run. Iran’s deputy foreign minister said that the negotiations will resume only after the next President is sworn in. These are all been seen as postponing tactics on part of Iran. America’s next step is much awaited now. The balance that the Biden administration has been attempting seems to have toppled over by consistent de-tours being made by Iran in terms of international norms.